Wednesday, May 26, 2010

najbolje u zivotu..

"Ja sam najbolji u samo jednoj stvari-da budem ja. U tome niko nije bolji od mene i samo se time bavim da budem to sto jesam.Svuda je odlicno kad si sa sobom u dobrim odnosima. Jer sebe moras da povedes na svako mesto na koje ides. Jer to si ti, i to je i najbolje i najgore i jedino sigurno sto imas ceo zivot. To je ono od cega strepis i cemu se nadas.To si ti i to je ono najbolje sto ti se u zivotu desilo."

by Ivan Tokin @

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Volim shto su ovde svi od negde."

moments on the sidewalk...look at the people, sometimes meet somebody....
make a wish....


Camille: Hey, David, it's Camille. You know, when Dostoevsky was writing The Gambler, he signed a contract with his publisher saying that he would finish it in twenty-six days, and he did it, but he had the help of this young stenographer. This girl, she... she stayed with him and she helped him. And... afterwards they actually got married. Ha, isn't that cool? That's how he met his wife. Anyway I found this story in the preface for Crime and Punishment so I was thinking that... and, this would have to be between you and me, but... I was thinking that I could read the books and tell you what's going on and that way you could just focus on your music. But only if you're comfortable with this, and if you're not then you can just forget it, and you can quit, but if you are... then open this door.
David: Open... this door?
[crawls to his front door and opens it]
Camille: Okay, a deal's a deal.
David: Does this mean we're getting married?
Camille: I have a lot of reading to do...
Camille: Hi, I'm Camille.
David: Hi, I'm David.